Friday, August 24, 2007

Colons and Groundnuts

I meant to post this yesterday, as it turned out to be a fantastic success. It's another one of them Cooking Light recipes: African Ground Nut Stew with Sour Cream-Chive Topping (by the way, ground nuts are peanuts). A simple, straightforward recipe for something that tastes really good cold and eaten out of the pot the next day because you made it the night before but ended up going out and eating barfood instead of dinner. Once again, I used Tofutti sour cream, used more peanuts than they called for, and I tossed in a half-can of coconut milk, which always makes things better.

Last night Dan and I decided we would check out World's Healthiest Pizza over on Claiborne Avenue, which has pegged itself as a healthy and still tasty alternative to other pizza places around town (one of which I work at, so it felt like I was cheating). I admire their mission to educate people on what's good for them and what's not, as well as to provide something for people who want to eat pizza but don't want to eat all the things that come in pizza. We picked up our medium Mediterranean and I spent the ride home reading out loud about the dangers of osteoporosis and calcium uptake (we were both horrified to find out that by the time you're in your mid-20's, you're basically done building bone density and all you can do in the future is prevent the loss of that density - why would your body do something as stupid as making you responsible for it during the least responsible segment of your life???), and colon health. Strike one - I'm not so sure I want to directly associate colon health with my food in that way. Maybe a brochure in the store, but on the box?

We got home, popped in the totally bizarre 1960's British horror film Peeping Tom, and proceeded to down our pizza with a bottle of chianti. Strike two - because they use no salt in the crust, it doesn't taste great. Nonetheless, the list of ingredients that goes into it is certainly impressive, including quinoa, amaranth, and spelt among others. So, I knew it was healthy for me and so that made it taste better, but in terms of overall pleasure, I'm not sure they top Reginelli's. I still think that I'll order from them again, because I think they have a good idea and I'd like to support it, because the pizza still tasted good, and because who doesn't want a happy colon? Right? Right? Er...

Be sure to sign up for their coupon email list, we got $5 off a pick-up order, so the price is right.

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